Storm Damage

Weathering the Storm: Fixing Roof Damage with Expertise

When Kentucky weather leads to bad luck, call Full Guard Roofing. When the clouds gather and the winds howl, your roof becomes the unsung hero protecting your home and your family. But what happens when the storm rages on, leaving behind a trail of damage? From fallen trees to wind damage, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle whatever storm rolls your way. 

We are storm damage experts in our community. You can count on us to diagnose the problem, provide a transparent and fair estimate, and repair your roofing system. Let us help protect your family from storms by restoring your roof to its best condition!


Guarding What Matters Most

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Does Your Roof Have Storm Damage?

At Full Guard Roofing, we have experience in storms. Our owner, Sam LeMay, spent the beginning of his roofing career assessing thousands of homes for storm damage. Sam was also a HAAG Engineering Certified Residential Roof Inspector. Through this rigorous training program, Sam was certified to recognize industry standard damage caused by wind and hail to shingle roofing systems. 

Even when a storm causes little damage to your roof, any breakdown in the roofing system can impact the overall function and grow over time into a much larger issue if not addressed. If you’re unsure how much damage your roof sustained, call Full Guard Roofing. We’ll inspect your roof for any damage or signs of wear, and give you a report on what your best options are to protect your home.