Seamless Gutter Solutions: Expert Installation and Maintenance

No roofing system is complete without a set of clean, properly installed and fully functioning gutters. Your home depends on the roofing system and gutter system to direct water away from the foundation and extend the life of your home. 

Gutters and downspouts are absolutely critical for protecting your home from water damage. Gutters redirect rainwater away from your roof, walls, windows, and foundation, preventing costly repairs down the road. When gutters are clogged or leak, water can cause wood rot, mold growth, basement flooding, and foundational cracks or settling.

Cleaning gutters regularly and installing quality seamless aluminum or copper gutters with adequate downspout drainage helps safeguard your home’s structural integrity. Don’t underestimate the importance of an effective gutter system – it’s an essential investment for any homeowner looking to maintain their property value.

We offer expert installation of custom seamless gutters, copper gutters, downspout additions and leaf guard options.

Copper Gutters Being Repaired At a Home

We Specialize In Copper Work & Box Gutters

The owner of Full Guard Roofing, Sam LeMay, is one of only three contractors in the state who has been trained in the old world Swiss methods of proper copper work for chimneys, flashing, box gutters, and more.

Copper work is a dying art that takes patience and a craftsman approach to install correctly so it will last and protect your home for years to come. This type of work is expensive and time consuming, but will outlast many “modern” building materials and methods.